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Hicks Development Ltd in Fresh Attempt to build in Park Lane, Charvil

Hicks Development Ltd is appealing against Wokingham’s refusal to grant planning permission for 25 homes in Park Lane, Charvil.

The main grounds for this appeal is that this is a sustainable site and the proposal is in line with the latest planning guidelines and that Wokingham’s settlement boundaries are out of date, and should be ignored in this case. In addition, Charvil has been deemed acceptable for small developments of up to 25 homes, so that this scheme should be allowed by the inspector.

Wokingham Borough will, of course, defend their position strongly as success for Hicks Developments Ltd could possibly open the way for other developments not included in Wokingham’s Core Strategy and subsequent local planning documents.

When we know of the appeal date, we will publicise this here.


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