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Charvil Pre-School Survey Results

The results of the recent Pre-school survey have now been collated, and can be accessed Here.

The headline figures were that 57% of responses currently have children in pre-school form the Parish

Twyford and Sonning are the most likely place for these children to be enrolled

84% of responses think we should provide facilities and would have used Charvil in preference.

Just “school hours” came above “breakfast + school hours + afterschool” in the facilities currently used

Other Requirements

These were varied and included swimming lessons, community hall for north Charvil, climbing frames and a footpath between Twyford and Charvil next to the railway. The most relevant suggestion was provisioning a pre-school and scout hut together

The Parish Council are very grateful to those who responded, but are not yet convinced that the demand is great enough to justify a large expenditure on a pre-school building alone, but may explore the idea of a more general community facility. This would depend on how much Community Infrastructure Levy is received, a suitable site becoming available and the level of Community interest in such a project. If residents do feel strongly on this. please get in touch with one of your councillors or come to one of our meetings, held every third Monday at 8pm in Charvil Village Hall.


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