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Covid-19 Update 13th May 2020

The latest Government advice is that people can exercise more, and will be allowed to play tennis, use cricket nets, play basketball, and other activities that allow social distancing, with family members or with one person from a different household from today, 13th May. People will also be allowed to travel to take exercise.

As a Parish Council, we provide some of the facilities that could now be used, but as an employer, it is important that any relaxation of the strict measures does not endanger Council staff, and so any decision on how best to allow use of our tennis courts and car park will be taken at the Full Council meeting on 18th May and will be advertised to residents on the website once we can ensure everyone’s safety.

We apologise if this is disappointing to people looking forward to broadening their horizons, but it does take time to get everything right.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.



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