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East Park Farm Car Park and MUGA Closed

Charvil Parish Council took the difficult decision to close the Car Park at East Park Farm at a recent Council meeting after Covid breaches on the Sports Field and concerns that the area was becoming increasingly busy at peak times to endanger the safety of residents as social distancing was becoming difficult, and the increase in dog walkers using the area was becoming concerning, particularly to residents taking their young children out to play.

The Council recognise that this is inconvenient to some, but felt compelled to act to ensure the safety of those residents who live close by, and are abiding by the guidelines to use the closest green spaces to where they live for exercise.

The Council look forward to welcoming back visitors from further afield when the Lockdown eases, but in the present time, would ask drivers not to find alternative parking places, but to exercise closer to home for the time being.

It is noted that the Brough Council are limiting access to Dinton Pastures due to similar concerns.

We hope that this will not cintunue for too much longer, and we are grateful for your support.

TheMUGA has also had to be closed by order of the Government, as it is designated as a Sports court by Sport England, and all sports venues must be closed. Again, this will be opened when Lockdown restrictions ease.

Thank you.

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