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Notice of the uncontested Election for Charvil Parish Council

The Closing date for Nominations for Parish Council closed on Thursday 8th April at 4pm, and it was announced that the elelction was uncontested, with nine candidtates standing, leaving one seat vacant. Here is a Printable Notice of Uncontested Election Parish of Charvil

Wokingham Borough Council
Election of Parish Councillors for
Parish of Charvil
Thursday 6 May 2021
I, being the Returning Officer at the above election, report that the persons whose names appear
below were duly elected Parish Councillors for Parish of Charvil.

Name of Candidate                           Home Address
ANDERSEN,Claire Elaine  5 Park Lane, Charvil, Reading, RG10 9TR

COLLIS Roanna Elizabeth  93 The Hawthorns, Charvil,Reading, Berkshire, RG10 9TT

GILLETT James Bruce        Hillray House, Waingels Road, Charvil, Twyford, Berkshire, RG10 0UA

HARTLEY Jane Elizabeth  81 The Hawthorns, Charvil,Berkshire, RG10 9TT

HEATH Mike                        64 East Park Farm Drive, Charvil,Reading, RG10 9US

JACKSONNeil Andrew      (address in Wokingham)

JONES Hilary Jeanne       (address in Wokingham)

RYATT Narinder Singh    Uplands, Park Lane, Charvil,Reading, RG10 9TR

SUTLIEFF Pat                  141 East Park Farm Drive, Charvil, Reading, RG10

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