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Three More Parish Councillors Needed

With the recent resignations of Claire Andersen and Jim Gillett, Charvil Parish Council now has three vacancies.

This is an exciting, yet challenging time for the Council.

In conjunction with some very able and dedicated members of our community, the Parish Council is drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan, which will allow the Village to influence and mitigate the effects of the new homes that are being proposed in the Wokingham Borough Local Plan. This is an ambitious piece of work, and a fresh perspective from some new Council members would move this on in a positive matter.

The Parish Council is also embarking on its greatest challenge in its fifty year history; namely, the redevelopment of the Margaret Gimblett Pavilion. This does give the opportunity to provide facilities fit for the twenty-first Century – new, inclusive changing facilities, a hall to accommodate the various groups in the village, and especially the Uniformed groups, and the possibility of providing a space for a pre-school and cafe.

If you would like to help develop either of the above, or would like to continue the development of the Parish’s recent environmental initiatives, please come forward – if you need more information, or would like to apply, please contact the clerk at .

The closing date for application is Mon 10th January 2022.

Please be aware, that if there are no new recruits, and if we were to have more resignations, there is a possibility that control of the Council would return to the Borough, which is unlikley to be of benefit to residents as they do not have the time or resources to dedicate to the development of the Village.

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