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Narinder Ryatt


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Hilary Jones


Hello, I’m Hilary and I joined the parish council in 2020. I have lived in Charvil since 2004 when I was lured from London by my new husband. I work…

Mike Heath


Hi, I’m Mike Heath and I moved to Charvil in 2018 after retiring from Singapore. I come from an industrialist background and am particularly interested in engaging the community to…

Roanna Collis


Hi, I’m Roanna. I have lived in Charvil since 1995, basically my whole life as I moved with my family when I was 6 months old! After living in Charvil…

Neil Jackson

Chair of Finance

Hello, I’m Neil and I joined the parish council in 2019. I have lived in Charvil since 2007 when I’m not in the air as a commercial airline pilot. I…

Pat Sutlieff


Hello, I’m Pat and I joined the Parish Council in 2018, having moved to Charvil in 2016 from nearby Ruscombe. As a retired GP, working at Wargrave Surgery from 2004-2010,…

Jane Hartley

Chair of Planning, Environment and Highways

Jane joined the Council in 2017 after she moved to the area in 2016 and chairs the Planning, Environment & Highways Committee.  She is keen to work for the benefit…

Claire Andersen

Chair of Staffing

Claire is relatively new to Charvil but is keen to be part of the community . She is both a mother and grandmother and has worked as a mental health worker…

Jim Gillett


Hi I’m Jim Gillett.  I have lived in Charvil since 1986 and joined the Parish Council in the mid-1990s. I live in Waingels Road and have four children who have…

Paul Mundy

Chair of Amenities

Paul has been a resident of Charvil for several years and has been a member of CPC for over three years. He has a young family and is very supportive…

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