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Because of the proximity of so many rivers and old gravel pits in the area, much of Charvil is in the flood-plain. This has the unexpected benefit of large tracts of land being safe from further development, and much of this has been handed over to the Local Authority to be developed as Country Parks. The older of the two areas under Wokingham Borough Council’s stewardship is Charvil Meadows, between the A4 and the Old Bath Road. This is a lovely area which many residents in the north of the village enjoy maybe to have a quieter walk to work in the summer, or for a picnic and is much appreciated by all residents when, in times of flooding, it accommodates so much of the water that could otherwise spell disaster for many residents.

The second, and larger area, is known as Charvil Country Park. Again managed by Wokingham, it is envisaged that this will never be as developed as Dinton Country Park, but to get a balance so it is easily accessible to all, yet still largely left to nature. To help cover the costs, fishing rights on two of the lakes and the river have been granted to a local angling club, but two of the lakes have been left purely for wildlife. The Council has produced a nature trail leaflet to encourage residents explore the local area. This area is particularly popular with dog walkers and we are very lucky to have two such beautiful areas for public recreation.

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