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Passionate about our Village community

Working For you – Charvil Parish Council is committed to supporting the local community and providing a safe and interesting environment in which to visit, live, work and play.

Charvil Lake
Charvil Bridge

Latest News

09Jun 22

Charvil Countryside awarded Local Wildlife Site Status

Experts have recognised two public green spaces in Charvil as havens for a rich variety of wild animals including birds, insects and otters. Charvil Country Park and Charvil Meadows were both designated as Local Wildlife Sites following a recent meeting…

Charvil Notice Board

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Nature Trail

The Nature Trail is a great way to begin learning about the flora and fauna in Charvil and some of the work being done to protect it. It’s especially suitable for young children exploring the country park but grown-ups will enjoy it too.

View from the Chair

From the Council Meeting of 20th June

Open Forum

We heard from several residents to the open forum at the start of the meeting, the issues raised included the disruption caused  by waste tankers & large vehicles using Park Lane and the noise they cause, especially at unsocial hours.  We are very sympathetic to the residents comments and pointed out that the Parish Council had opposed applications to increase the number of these vehicles using this route, however, there was little more the Council could do.

Changes to Councillors

We welcomed Isabelle Bray as a new co-opted councillor.

Pre-school proposal

The Parish Council has been approached by a pre-school provider to use council facilities, we have agreed to this in principle with a possible start early in 2023.  The Parish Council will be working with current users and the pre-school provider to agree how this will work.

Cycle track

Councillor Heath and the Clerk, attended a meeting which outlined a Borough Council proposed cycle track between Twyford and Charvil ( Proposed Woodley-Twyford Route). The Parish Council  are very supportive of the scheme in principle although there is some discussion over the exact route. For more information, contact Twyford Together Cycling Group at

Trees – Queens Green Canopy and Community Orchard

Councillor  Heath reported the progress that has been made selelcting locations for the next round of  planting trees and hedges around Charvil.  He urged more residents to get involved and sponsor trees including helping to care for them after planting.  He welcomed the involvement of rhe local school and the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows in planting and after care.

Jubilee Treasure Hunt

Councillor  Walker was thanked for organising the Family Treasure Hunt, there were a few technical hitches but those who completed the trail enjoyed it; we hope to run a similar event in the future.

Charvil Village Fete

  • We received a report on the 2021 Village Party and plans for the fete in 2022 to be held on Sunday, 4th September which will be supporting local charities


Monday 12th September 2022

Amenities Committee Meeting

Monday 8th August 2022

Planning and Finance Committees

Monday 19th September 2022

Full Council Meeting

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