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The following charges are effective from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020.

‘Standard rate’ is applied to businesses who use our building. e.g. classes, courses,  business meetings …

‘Community rate’ is applied to all other uses, e.g. children’s parties, family parties, clubs run by volunteers …

CategoryCommunity RateStandard Rate
Main Hall
09:00-18:00Monday - Friday£10.25/hr£20.40/hr
Saturday - Sunday£13.35/hr£26.65/hr
18:00-00:00Sunday - Thursday£13.35/hr£25.85/hr
FridayPlease refer to assistant clerk for charges
Committee Room
09:00-18:00Sunday - Friday£5.85/hr£8.85/hr
18:00-00:00Sunday - Thursday£7.75/hr£11.85/hr
FridayPlease refer to assistant clerk for charges
Monday - Sunday£1.60/hr£3.10/hr
The Kitchen, if required, must be booked for the same duration as the main hire. You will only have exclusive access to the kitchen if the whole building is booked.
Whole building (main hall, committee room and kitchen)
09:00-18:00Monday - Thursday£17.70/hr£32.30/hr
18:00-00:00Sunday - Thursday£22.60/hr£41.55/hr
Weddings/All Day Parties
The hall for the day (08:00-00:00)£476.40
Any let from morning and finishing after 5pm will be charged at full day rate
Use of Stage£25
Evening parties - minimum booking period of 3 hours

Notes on bookings:

  • For social events, a refundable deposit of £200.00 is levied against breakages, additional cleaning or a council officer call-out. A door person will also need to be pre-booked by CPC for all teenage parties
  • A single security charge of £20.00 is payable on bookings extended beyond 9pm where the services of a security company are required to lock up
  • A minimum fee of £6.00 will apply for each booking form submitted
  • Christmas and New Year Parties will be billed at Saturday rates
  • Children’s parties held Friday evening will be charged day rate, provided that the building is vacated by 7pm
  • No bookings for kitchen facilities only
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