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East Park Farm Car Park to re-open

Charvil Parish Council are pleased to announce that the East Park Farm Car park will finally re-open after six months.

We received the the final sign off from the Borough and the report from the Consultant employed to oversee the work on 1st May , but this threw up a few queries that we needed to address, to ensure that we are satisfied that we can open the car park safely, and that we can, to the best of our ability, take the necessary precautions lest any other damage to the car park occurs.Repaired sinkhole

To do this, we have checked our insurances, assessed and re-assessed our risk assessments, and will implement a series of daily and weekly visual checks to back up the three to five-year scans promised by the Borough.

You may notice some markings on the car park; these are to aid the people carrying out the visual checks and are nothing to worry about.

So, from Saturday 18th May, the car park will revert to its summer opening times of 7am to 8pm.

We thank you for your patience, and hope that the hole will become but a distant memory.

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