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Building Bird Boxes in Charvil

1st Charvil Scouts build bird boxes to help our feathered friends in Charvil

Charvil Scouts have been working with Charvil Parish Council and the Wokingham Countryside Service to build and erect 17 bird boxes around East Park Farm  and the areas of the Country Park closest to the park and houses.

The Parish Council paid for any materials that could not be recycled, and gave permission for  the boxes to be erected, and the Countryside service provided advice as to good locations, and permission to erect theCountry Park.

Then the Scouts got to work….

Scouts Building Bird Boxees
Scouts Building Bird Boxes

With the help of some willing parents and leaders, they met in the Charvil Pavilion, where each older Scout was paired up with a younger one, and between them they measured, sawed and screwed the boxes together, cut out the entrance hole, all in one evening.  The reflections of the Scouts on this activity included the following:

The birdbox was a fun enjoying activity, we measured, cut and screwed in the wood that was recycled and upcycled into a bird box.

We nailed some rubber to the back and the roof to be able to lift it up to see inside.

We also screwed metal plating on the front.

I enjoyed it because it really made me think about nature and what it really means and about how the animals live.

The birdboxes help the environment by re-using wood that was going to be thrown away, and allowing birds to have a safe place to grow, hide and have chicks.

I think we should have another session to boost our experience of using wood.

The Scout Leaders have put them up in various locations, and a further activity will be for Scouts to see if they can spot them in the trees, while they are still visible before the leaves grow. For any people interested, they look like this:

Bird Box in Trees
Scout bird box in trees

A list of locations will be published later in the Spring, and we hope that next year the Scouts will be able to build some more to go in other places in the village.

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