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More Sponsors Needed for Community Orchard

Community Orchard Photo

There are still 4 tree sponsorships available, as we’re planting a total of 12 trees in our Community Orchard behind the Village Hall this year!

This year’s fruit trees include a number of native apple varieties:

🍎 Michaelmas Red: first recorded in Kent, 1929

🍏 James Grieve: first recorded in Edinburgh, 1893

🍎 Worcester Pearmain: developed in Swanpool, 1874

🍏 Lord Lambourne: developed in Bedford, 1907

🍎 Ellisons Orange: developed in Licolnshire, late 1800s

🍏 Blenheim Orange: discovered in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, 1740

🍎 Ashmead Kernel: discovered in Gloucester, early 1700s

🍏 St Wright: cultivated in Langley, Berkshire, 1913

We also have varieties of quince & medlar, which are used for making jellies and preserves.

Tree sponsorship costs £60 to include the tree plus planting materials (compost, stakes, tree ties etc).

Our trees are cared for by a team of volunteers, using water from our rain collection tank at the Village Hall.

Our first trees will be ready to harvest in Autumn 2024, and we’ll be looking into ideas for how the fruit can be used locally.

If you would like to sponsor a tree, or would like to volunteer to help plant or care for our orchard, please contact the Clerk: or call 0118 901 7719 during normal office hours

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