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Sink hole repairs complete

Completed repairs to the sink hole
Over the last few weeks, you will have seen work being undertaken to repair the sinkhole in the car park at East Park Farm.
Initially, the hole was expanded to expose a stable surface on which to start backfilling the area. The hole has now been filled and the car park paving reinstated.
Other areas of the car park have had paving removed to investigate potential areas of concern, and we are pleased to report that these investigations have not identified any other potential sinkholes in the area.
We are awaiting confirmation that the work has all been completed and that the car park is safe to reopen to vehicles. As soon as this is received, we will re-open the car park for users of our Pavilion, Sports Facilities, and the neighbouring Country Park and Primary School.
Wokingham Borough Council have agreed that regular future scans of the car park will be undertaken to help identify any areas of subsidence at an early stage. We hope that this will allow remedial works to be undertaken should any issues be identified during the scans, and hopefully reduce the likelihood of further sinkholes occurring.
As soon as we are assured the car park is safe to reopen, this will be shared via our website and social media.
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