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Parish Precept published

Parish Precept for 2024/25 💷

The Parish Precept forms part of your annual council tax, and is the primary source of income for the Parish Council. We spend this money on maintaining and improving a number of facilities around Charvil, from litter bins to the Village Hall.
In April, the Parish Precept will be increasing by 30.55%. For a Band D property, this will be an additional charge of £18 for the year, or around £1.50 per month.
We appreciate that any increase in your monthly outgoings is difficult. Last year at the height of the Cost of Living crisis, the increase was small. However, due to expected additional expenditure in the coming financial year, the Council was left with no other option than to increase the Precept by a larger amount for this year.
This expected additional financial pressure comes from two main areas: the inflationary costs of running our buildings, and the expected cost of repairs to the sinkhole at East Park Farm car park.
We will be continuing with our programme of village improvements, including repairs and upgrades to our play areas.
ou can access your Council Tax statement online, now, via Wokingham Borough Council’s website:
Paper bills will be arriving after 11th March
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