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Sinkhole Update

East Park Farm car park update

At last month’s Parish Council Meeting, we discussed the quote provided to us by Wokingham Borough Council for the cost to repair the sinkhole at the East Park Farm car park.

The quote amounts to the equivalent of over 20% of the annual Parish Precept, our primary source of income, paid for by Parish residents as part of their council tax. We have taken legal advice to clarify whether the cost of repair should be the responsibility of Charvil Parish Council, as leaseholder of the carpark, or Wokingham Borough Council, as the land owner. 

The repair costs would place a significant financial burden on the Parish, and our residents, and would impact on the funds available for us to continue maintaining and improving other facilities around the village. These costs could increase as further investigations are completed or remedial work highlighted. 

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience while we await progress on the repairs of the car park. Once financial responsibility has been established beyond reasonable doubt, we will do our best to work with the Borough to have the repairs done as soon as is practicable. The car park will remain closed until such time as we are satisfied that in can be partially, or fully, reopened in a safe manner. 

We would ask users of the facilities surrounding the car park, including the sports facilities, Charvil Country Park and Charvil Piggott Primary School, to walk or cycle to the facilities where possible. If travelling by car is the only option, then please consider car-sharing to reduce the number of vehicles around the area. 

The Village Hall car park remains available to users of our facilities at East Park Farm. Please park considerately, especially on occasions where the car park is full, and avoid obstructing pavements, driveways, junctions and emergency access routes.

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